Cancer Control and Prevention

  • Get Your Patients to Vote Against Cancer

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    Texans generally don’t turn out to vote all that well for elections in odd-numbered years. In fact, less than 6% of registered voters made it to the polls in 2017. In Texas those elections are usually constitutional amendment referendums.

    Mark Your Calendar for Nov. 5 to Vote AGAINST Cancer  
  • The Financial Burden of Cancer Care

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    As a board-certified radiation oncologist, I’m trained to know all about cancer and its physical effects on people. Similarly, as a board-certified hospice and palliative care physician, I am well-versed about the psychosocial and spiritual trials patients go through, especially at the end of life. But a recent study I read stopped me in my tracks with a disturbing finding: Cancer is bankrupting an astounding number of patients.

    Cancer is Bankrupting an Astounding Number of Patients  

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