The PBF Family of Assistance Funds

  • What is The Physicians Benevolent Fund?

    Since 1961, TMA's Physicians Benevolent Fund has provided Texas physicians with financial assistance during times of personal hardship, for treatment of impairing conditions, and when natural disaster strikes. Three funds offer help, hope, and healing when physicians and their families have nowhere else to turn.

  • PBF’s Three Funds

  • The Physicians Benevolent Fund

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    PBF offers financial support when Texas physicians and their families fall on hard times because of a life-changing illness or diagnosis, an accident, or other difficult and unexpected circumstance. PBF helps recipients with personal expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, and mounting health care bills.

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  • The PBF Wellness Fund

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    The PBF Wellness Fund enables qualifying Texas physicians to undergo treatment for depression, substance use, and other potentially impairing conditions. Funds also may be available to the physician’s family to cover expenses during treatment.

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  • PBF Disaster Relief Fund

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    When Mother Nature delivers a blow or a catastrophic event occurs, the PBF Disaster Relief Fund helps physicians recover and restore their medical practices. This fund activates following qualifying federally declared natural disasters.

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  • How You Can Help

    Your contributions and referrals make a difference for physicians, and can help them rebuild their home and family, career, or practice.

  • Connect Those in Need to PBF

    Physicians dedicate their lives to helping patients, but sometimes physicians are the ones who find themselves in need. Asking for help can be difficult, so PBF relies on word of mouth to direct financial assistance to those who are walking through a difficult time.

    Please steer colleagues and friends to the PBF website if they could benefit from assistance. Or refer them directly to TMA; a PBF staff member will reach out to them confidentially. TMA staff strive to protect the anonymity of fund applicants/recipients.

    Refer a Friend

    Donate to the Funds

    We can’t predict who will need help next, so consider donating to any of the three funds set up to assist Texas physicians. The PBF is a 501(c)(3): Charitable contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by federal law.

    Mail contributions to:

    The Physicians Benevolent Fund
    ATTN: Finance Department
    Texas Medical Association
    401 W. 15th St.
    Austin, Texas 78701-1680

    Thank you to the TMA Alliance
    for annual support of PBF.

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