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Mid-session checkup: With the 2021 Texas Legislature well under way, graduate medical education, scope of practice, and liability remain top priorities for medicine. Plus ... Read about how prevention has become a more prevalent approach to addressing child abuse and neglect.

GME Momentum (pages 20-25)
TMA fights state budget cuts to preserve Texas’ steady progress in building residency positions. By Sean Price

Scope Expansions (pages 26-27)
A court decision siding with chiropractors is the latest of many scope tests in the legislature and the law. By Joey Berlin

Shelter in a Storm (pages 28-29)
TMA seeks liability legislation to protect physicians on the frontlines of a disaster – now and into the future. By Joey Berlin

Legislative Affairs: Federal Fairness? (pages 30-33)
Congressional measure addresses out-of-network payments. By Joey Berlin

Practice Management: Threat Level High (pages 34-37)
Ransomware is a bigger threat than ever, and once it happens to a medical practice, there are no good options. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: Keeping Children Safe (pages 40-43)
Prevention has become a more prevalent approach to addressing child abuse and neglect. By Sean Price

Public Health: Routine Screens (pages 44-46)
More regular testing remains key to ending the HIV epidemic. By Sean Price 

Vaccines (page 48)
Talk to Patients About: Vaccines and Cancer. By Sean Price

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10 Rounds: Winter Conference coverage


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