Division of Medical Economics

The Division of Medical Economics represents and advocates for TMA on regulatory, socioeconomic, and health policy issues at the state and federal levels through support and guidance to public, private, and legislative agencies; and through development and implementation of association policy on socioeconomic issues. The division also educates members through presentations to county medical societies, hospital medical staffs, and other affiliate organizations. The division provides staff support to the Council on Socioeconomics, Committee on Rural Health, Council on Health Facilities, Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care, and Organized Medical Staff Section.

Contact: Darren Whitehurst, Vice President  (800) 880-1300, ext. 1350, (512) 370-1350 

Managed Care Delivery Systems

The Department of Managed Care Delivery Systems develops and delivers technical assistance and support programs for physicians in managed care; serves as a clearinghouse for physicians needing information about the changing delivery environment throughout the Texas marketplace; focuses on issues and problems physicians face in their practice and health care delivery settings, including Workers’ Compensation issues; helps physicians be efficient and productive in dealing with managed care; coordinates work with the TMA Physician Services component organization which provides business planning, fee for service consulting and information/ referral about endorsed consultants to members; coordinates and develops Association policy and activities on all health care delivery issues.

Contact: Warren Cooper, Director, (800) 880-1300, etx. 1409, (512) 370-1409 

Payment Advocacy

Represents the Association on advocacy, member service and policy development activities that affect the economics of medical practice; implements TMA policy concerning both traditional Medicare and Medicare managed care, Medicaid and other third-party reimbursement systems and provides hands-on assistance to physicians about reimbursement issues; addresses regulatory hassles imposed on physicians by government agencies, third-party payors and managed care plans; develops educational materials to assist physicians and their office staffs in meeting constantly changing regulatory requirements; advocates for payment and coverage policies through liaison with the Texas Medicare and Medicaid carriers, Payment Advocacy, Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission, private insurance carriers, and managed care plans.

 Contact: Genevieve Davis, Director, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1416, (512) 370-1416

Governmental Affairs

The Office of Governmental Affairs interfaces with the Division of Public Affairs to coordinate the division's legislative, regulatory, and policy development activities, thereby ensuring consistency and continuity between policy development and rule-making. Additionally, the office oversees TMA's involvement in the issuance and adoption of agency rules and regulations resulting from state and federal legislation. Among the policy areas managed by the Office of Governmental Affairs are Medicaid managed care, health care information council, indigent care, and rural health, including implementation of the recently enacted rural community health system bill.

Contact: Helen Davis, Director, (800) 880-1300, ext. 1401, (512) 370-1401