Sample Letter: Enlisting Patients Assistance for Claims Payment



RE: Outstanding Health Insurance Payment  

Dear Patient:

I am writing you concerning an issue that has arisen between [ patient's insurance carrier ] and our office concerning payment for the services provided to you on [ date of service ]."   We have made all reasonable attempts to collect from your insurance company and have not been successful.

[ Explain the reason the plan has given for not paying you, or not paying you on time. Stick to the facts. Tell the patient you're puzzled by the plan's contention, and that you would appreciate their help in resolving any issues. If the plan's policy is that the patient is ultimately responsible for the full cost of care, state that .]

We would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter by:

  • Calling your insurance company directly and asking that the claim in question be paid immediately; and,
  • By asking your employer's human resources staff to intervene.

Should you or your employer have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at [ practice contact and telephone number ].

Thank you very much for your assistance and we appreciate your continued business.


c: [ Name of Insurance Carrier ]

Last Updated On

November 17, 2021

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010