Anson Jones, MD, Awards History

Anson Jones, MD, a pioneer Texas physician, served the Republic of Texas with distinction as a member of Congress, secretary of state, and its last president from 1844 to 1846. He was responsible for establishing the first regulations concerning the practice of medicine in Texas. He also urged formation of an “Association of Physicians of the Republic of Texas for the promotion and general diffusion of medical knowledge.” Throughout his life, Dr. Jones was a prolific writer. His book, "Republic of Texas," shows his keen intellect, literary style, and devotion to an ideal.

It is for these reasons TMA's award for excellence in journalism is named in his honor. TMA presented the first Anson Jones, MD, Award more than 50 years ago, to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter. The TMA Committee on Public Relations presented Mr. Blair Justice with TMA's first award for “outstanding lay medical reporting” on May 1st, 1957. Milford O. Rouse, MD, TMA's president at that time, gave Mr. Justice the award at the TMA General Meeting Luncheon held at the Baker Hotel in Dallas. The first honoree received a plaque and a fountain pen, along with a cash award.