First Tuesdays at the Capitol

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    Legislators need to hear from you – their physician, medical student, and alliance constituents – to understand how proposed legislation can potentially impact the practice of medicine in Texas.

    Attend TMA’s First Tuesdays and learn how to:

        • Become well-versed on the issues facing medicine this session.
        • Inform your senator, representative, and their staff about these issues.
        • Learn other important steps you can take to educate your legislators.


    5 Steps You Can Take To Make A Difference

    1. Know who represents you.
    2. Follow TMA’s advocacy efforts by reading Texas Medicine Today (TMT), TMA’s daily newsletter.
    3. Respond to Action Alerts to impact time-sensitive legislation, and download the VoterVoice app so you can respond to Action Alerts from your phone.
    4. Attend First Tuesdays at the Capitol.
    5. Learn about TEXPAC and help elect medicine-friendly candidates to office.

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  • Advocacy in Action

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    TMA works tirelessly to protect your patients and strengthen your profession. Tap into TMA's many advocacy resources before, during, and after the 88th Legislative Session and become an effective advocate, such as Texas Medicine Today (TMT), TMA’s daily e-newsletter for current legislative information, and TMA's Grassroots Action Center to follow our advocacy efforts, amplify physician priorities, and celebrate legislative wins. 

    Read TMT