Deadline Details

Verify Receipt of 2020 5 Percent Bonus Payment for "Qualifying Advance Payment Model Participants"
If you participated in an advanced alternative payment model (APM) under the 2018 Quality Payment Program (QPP), the Texas Medical Association encourages you to take action now to verify you have received your 5% APM incentive payment for 2020. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has begun disbursing the 5% bonus to more than 183,000 clinicians nationwide who achieved “qualifying APM participant” status during the 2018 QPP performance year. However, more than 22,000 of those clinicians risk not receiving that bonus because CMS has been unable to verify their billing information. The deadline to provide correct billing information is Friday, Nov. 13, CMS said.
If you should have received a bonus but didn't, provide correct billing information to CMS by Friday, Nov. 13, or you may not receive your 5% bonus.
Verify that you have received a payment by signing in to the QPP portal or by contacting your APM administrator. If you should have received a bonus but did not, check CMS’ public notice and refer to the Excel spreadsheet linked within the document to review the list of unpaid clinicians and National Provider Identifiers. If you are on the list, complete the “2020 Incentive Payment Billing Information Collection Form” on the fourth page of the public notice and submit it to the QPP Help Desk by email at no later than Nov. 13. Note that this is the only method and email address CMS will use to verify billing information.