Business Meetings By Meeting Type


    Ad-hoc  (back to top)

    Friday12 pm3 pmAd Hoc Committee on Health Information TechnologyHyatt, Little Colony
    Friday12 pm4 pmAd Hoc Committee on Medicaid, CHIP, and UninsuredHyatt, Milam Colony
    Friday4 pm5 pmAd Hoc Committee To Study Inactive CMS/At-Large MembershipHyatt, Gone to Texas Screening Room
    Saturday7 am8:30 amBorder HealthHyatt, Austin Colony
    Friday12 pm1:30 pmCoalition for Patient SafetyHyatt, Baron's A
    Saturday12 pm1:30 pmTask Force on Behavioral HealthHyatt, Robertson & Leftwich Colony

    Boards (back to top)

    Friday7:30 am8:30 am(BOT) Investments CommitteeHyatt, Baron's A
    Friday7 am8:30 am(BOT) Scholarship & Loan CommitteeHyatt, Mina Room
    Friday5 pm8 pmBoard of CouncilorsHyatt, Gone to Texas Screening Room
    Friday8:30 am5 pmBoard of TrusteesHyatt, Baron's B

    Caucuses  (back to top)

    Friday4 pm5:30 pmSmall Districts CaucusHyatt, Baron's F
    Saturday7 am8:30 amWest Texas CaucusHyatt, Navarro y Bangs

    Councils  (back to top)

    Friday5 pm8 pmCouncil on Health Care QualityHyatt, Milam Colony
    Friday9 am12 pmCouncil on Health PromotionHyatt, Lost Pines 1
    Friday5 pm7:30 pmCouncil on Health Service OrganizationsHyatt, Ranger Room
    Friday9 am12 pmCouncil on LegislationHyatt, Lost Pines 6
    Friday12 pm2:30 pmCouncil on Medical EducationHyatt, Lost Pines 4
    Friday3 pm6 pmCouncil on Practice Management ServicesHyatt, Lost Pines 6
    Friday4 pm7:30 pmCouncil on Science & Public HealthHyatt, Little Colony
    Friday1 pm5 pmCouncil on SocioeconomicsHyatt, Lost Pines 1
    Friday2:45 pm4:45 pmMedEd: Executive SessionHyatt, Lost Pines 3

    Committees  (back to top)

    Friday2 pm4 pmCommittee on Blood & Tissue UsageHyatt, Baron's A
    Friday2:30 pm4:30 pmCommittee on CancerHyatt, Navarro y Bangs AB
    Friday12 pm2:30 pmCommittee on Child & Adolescent HealthHyatt, Baron's F
    Friday12:30 pm3 pmCommittee on Continuing EducationHyatt, Ranger Room
    Friday7 pm9 pmCommittee on EMS & TraumaHyatt, Robertson Colony
    Saturday12 pm2:30 pmCommittee on Infectious DiseaseHyatt, Austin Colony A
    Friday9 am11 amCommittee on Maternal & Perinatal HealthHyatt, Milam Colony
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on MembershipHyatt, Navarro y Bangs AB
    Friday6 pm9:30 pmCommittee on Patient/Physician AdvocacyHyatt, Austin Colony
    Friday6:30 pm9 pmCommittee on Physician Distribution & Health Care AccessHyatt, Baron's A
    Friday5:30 pm7:30 pmCommittee on Physician Health & WellnessHyatt, Baron's E
    Friday4:30 pm6:30 pmCommittee On Primary Care & Medical HomeHyatt, Robertson Colony
    Saturday12 pm2 pmCommittee on Rural HealthHyatt, Little Colony A
    Friday11:30 am2:30 pmCommittee on the History of MedicineHyatt, Robertson Colony
    Saturday7 am8:30 amInterspecialty SocietyHyatt, Robertson & Leftwich Colony
    Friday2 pm2:30 pmPHW: Assistance Fund SubcommitteeHyatt, Dewitt Colony
    Friday3 pm4 pmPHW: Executive SessionHyatt, Dewitt Colony
    Friday12 pm2 pmPHW: Program EffectivenessHyatt, Dewitt Colony
    Friday2:30 pm3 pmPHW: Resident & Student Assistance SubcommitteeHyatt, Dewitt Colony
    Friday9:30 am11:30 amPHW: TXPHP ForumHyatt, Lost Pines 3
    Friday12 pm2 pmPhysicians Benevolent FundHyatt, Lost Pines 3
    Friday10 am12 pmSubcommittee on AccreditationHyatt, Ranger Room

    House of Delegates  (back to top)

    Other  (back to top)

    Thursday5 pm6:30 pmCommunications Round TableHyatt, Baron's G
    Friday8 pm9 pmFriends of Bill W. MeetingHyatt, Dewitt Colony
    Saturday7 am8 amMedical Defense PACHyatt, Dewitt Colony
    Friday5:30 pm6:30 pmSpeakers and Caucus ChairsHyatt, Lost Pines 4
    Saturday6:30 am8:30 amTexas Delegation To the AMAHyatt, Baron's E
    Saturday12 pm3 pmTexas Ophthalmological Association Executive CommitteeHyatt, Little Colony B
    Friday6 pm7 pmTEXPAC 300 Club ReceptionHyatt, Lost Pines 1
    Friday7 pm9 pmTEXPAC Board of DirectorsHyatt, Lost Pines 5
    Friday12:45 pm3 pmTEXPAC CEC MeetingHyatt, Baron's E
    Friday3 pm5 pmTEXPAC Executive CommitteeHyatt, Baron's E
    Thursday3:15 pm4:15 pmTMA Be Wise -- Immunize Outreach MeetingHyatt, Gone to Texas Screening Room
    Friday3 pm4 pmTMA Be Wise - Immunize Physician Advisory PanelHyatt, Robertson Colony
    Friday2:30 pm5:30 pmTMA Foundation BoardHyatt, Austin Colony
    Friday8 am5 pmTMA Leadership College Boot Camp Day 1Hyatt, Baron's G
    Saturday7:30 am4:30 pmTMA Leadership College Boot Camp Day 2Hyatt, Baron's G
    Friday12 pm2 pmTMAF Development CommitteeHyatt, Leftwich Colony
    Friday10 am12 pmTMAF Finance CommitteeHyatt, Leftwich Colony
    Friday5:30 pm8 pmTMAIT Board of TrusteesHyatt, Mina Room

    Sections  (back to top)

    Saturday12 pm2 pmIMG Business MeetingHyatt, Navarro y Bangs AB
    Saturday12:30 pm3 pmMSS Business MeetingHyatt, Baron's E
    Saturday3:30 pm4:30 pmMSS Chapter PresidentsHyatt, Baron's F
    Friday7:30 pm9 pmMSS Executive CouncilHyatt, Lost Pines 3
    Saturday12:30 pm2 pmRFS Business MeetingHyatt, Baron's F
    Saturday7:30 am8:30 amYPS Business MeetingHyatt, Milam Colony

    Specialty Societies  (back to top)