Business Meetings By Meeting Type


    Ad-hoc  (back to top)

    Friday12 pm4 pmAd Hoc Committee on Medicaid, CHIP, and UninsuredAT&T, Room 102, Level 1
    Saturday7 am8:30 amBorder HealthAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday8 am9:30 amPrimary Care CoalitionTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor
    Friday5:30 pm6:30 pmSpeakers and Caucus ChairsAT&T, Salon A, Level 3

    Boards (back to top)

    Friday7:30 am8:30 am(BOT) Investments CommitteeTMA, Durham, 10th Floor
    Friday7 am8:30 am(BOT) Scholarship & Loan CommitteeTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor
    Friday2 pm5 pmBoard of CouncilorsTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor
    Friday8:30 am5:30 pmBoard of TrusteesTMA, May Owen, 10th Floor

    Caucuses  (back to top)

    Friday4 pm5:30 pmSmall Districts CaucusAT&T, Room 101, Level 1

    Councils  (back to top)

    Saturday7:45 am8:45 amCouncil on Constitution & BylawsAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday5 pm8:30 pmCouncil on Health Care QualityAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Saturday6:30 am8 amCouncil on Health PromotionAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Friday5 pm7:30 pmCouncil on Health Service OrganizationsAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday9 am1 pmCouncil on LegislationTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Friday12 pm3:30 pmCouncil on Medical EducationAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday1 pm4 pmCouncil on Practice Management ServicesAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Friday12 pm4 pmCouncil on Science & Public HealthAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Friday1 pm5 pmCouncil on SocioeconomicsAT&T, Room 202, Level 2
    Friday3:45 pm5:45 pmMedEd: Executive SessionAT&T, Salon B, Level 3
    Friday10 am12 pmSubcommittee for Academic PhysiciansAT&T, Room 108, Level 1

    Committees  (back to top)

    Friday6:30 pm8:30 pmCommittee on CancerAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday5 pm7 pmCommittee on Child & Adolescent HealthAT&T, Hotel Side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 1
    Friday12:30 pm3 pmCommittee on Continuing Medical EducationTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on EMS & TraumaTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor
    Saturday12 pm2 pmCommittee on Infectious DiseaseAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday9 am11:30 amCommittee on Maternal & Perinatal HealthAT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on MembershipAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Friday6:30 pm9 pmCommittee on Patient/Physician AdvocacyTMA, May Owen, 10th Floor
    Friday7 pm9:45 pmCommittee on Physician Distribution & Health Care AccessAT&T, Salon A, Level 3
    Friday5:30 pm7:30 pmCommittee on Physician Health & WellnessTMA, Staff Lounge, 5th Floor
    Friday1:30 pm3 pmCommittee on Professional LiabilityTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Friday6 pm8 pmCommittee on Rural HealthTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor
    Friday11:30 am2:30 pmCommittee on the History of MedicineTMA, Room 5B, 5th Floor
    Saturday7 am8:30 amInterspecialty SocietyAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday8:15 pm9:45 pmMembership Task Force: Large Groups & Integrated SystemsAT&T, Room 108, Level 1
    Friday1 pm1:30 pmPHW: Assistance Fund SubcommitteeTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday3 pm4:30 pmPHW: Executive SessionTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday11:30 am1 pmPHW: Program EffectivenessTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday2 pm2:30 pmPHW: Resident & Student Assistance SubcommitteeTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday1:30 pm2 pmPHW: Treatment Facilities SubcommitteeTMA, Room 7A, 7th Floor
    Friday12 pm2:30 pmPhysicians Benevolent FundTMA, Room 7B, 7th Floor
    Friday10 am12 pmSubcommittee on AccreditationTMA, Room 9A, 9th Floor

    House of Delegates  (back to top)

    Other  (back to top)

    Thursday5 pm6:30 pmCommunications Round TableAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, Co-Op
    Friday8 pm9 pmFriends of Bill W. MeetingAT&T, Room 210, Level 2
    Saturday4:30 pm5:30 pmMedical Defense PACAT&T, Hotel side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 2
    Friday9:30 am11 amREC Board: CentrEastAT&T, Hotel side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 2
    Friday9 am11 amREC Board: Gulf CoastAT&T, Hotel side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 6
    Friday9 am11 amREC Board: North TexasAT&T, Hotel side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 3
    Friday9 am11 amREC Board: West TexasAT&T, Hotel side, Carillon Restaurant, PDR 1
    Saturday6:30 am8:30 amTexas Delegation To the AMAAT&T, Room 105, Level 1
    Saturday12 pm4 pmTexas Ophthalmological Association Executive CommitteeAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday5:30 pm6:30 pmTEXPAC 300 Club ReceptionAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday7 pm9 pmTEXPAC Board of DirectorsAT&T, Salon C, Level 3
    Friday1 pm3 pmTEXPAC CEC MeetingAT&T, Salon A, Level 3
    Friday3 pm5 pmTEXPAC Executive CommitteeAT&T, Salon A, Level 3
    Friday2:30 pm5:30 pmTMA Foundation BoardAT&T, Room 103, Level 1
    Friday8 am5 pmTMA Leadership College Boot Camp Day 1AT&T, Salon D, Level 3
    Saturday7:30 am4:30 pmTMA Leadership College Boot Camp Day 2AT&T, Room 104, Level 1
    Saturday12 pm3 pmTMA PSO Steering and Selection CommitteesAT&T, Room 301, Level 3
    Friday12 pm2 pmTMAF Development CommitteeTMA, Durham, 10th Floor
    Friday10 am12 pmTMAF Finance CommitteeTMA, Durham, 10th Floor
    Friday1 pm4:30 pmTMAIT Advisory CommitteeAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, Co-op (Private dining room)
    Friday5:30 pm8 pmTMAIT Board of TrusteesAT&T, Carillon Restaurant, Co-op (Private dining room)
    Friday3:30 pm5:30 pmTMA's Be Wise -- Immunize MeetingTMA, Thompson, 1st Floor

    Sections  (back to top)

    Saturday12 pm2 pmIMG Business MeetingAT&T, Room 107, Level 1
    Saturday12:30 pm3 pmMSS Business MeetingAT&T, Room 105, Level 1
    Saturday3:30 pm4:30 pmMSS Chapter PresidentsAT&T, Room 102, Level 1
    Friday7:30 pm9 pmMSS Executive CouncilAT&T, Salon B, Level 3
    Saturday12 pm1:30 pmRFS Business MeetingAT&T, Room 101, Level 1
    Saturday7 am7:30 amYPS Business MeetingAT&T, Room 102, Level 1

    Specialty Societies  (back to top)