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    Ready to reach a dynamic, growing market? Invest in Texas women in medicine - more specifically, programming designed (and requested) by TMA's female physicians to help elevate women leaders in medicine.

      • TMA has 16,750+ female members
      • Female physicians in Texas have < DOUBLED in number since 2003
      • 45% of newly licensed physicians are women
      • <Half of medical students are women
      • Women control 60% of U.S. personal wealth
      • Women drive 85% of U.S. consumer purchasing
      • 92% of women pass along brand info or recommendations
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  • Sponsor TMA Women in Medicine — 2019

    Primary Program Initiatives:


    • Prepare women for leadership roles in business and thier communities
    • Empower women with managerial, communication, conflict, resoltuion, and negotation skills


    • Connect past, preset and future female influencers with colleagues
    • Encourage dialogue about similar professional experiences and work-life challenges


    • Provide "care for caregiver" programming specific to women in medicine.

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