Humana Claims Issues Require Resubmission Due to Technical Error
By Alisa Pierce

Practices that used Mimecast's secure message portal to submit claims issues, questions, or appeals to Humana between July 17 and Aug. 28 will need to resubmit those reports due to a technical error.  

Due to the problem, more than 100 claims documents were not visible in the Mimecast portal and expired after several days. Claims issues are sent via secure, private emails, and per Humana, the error hid emails marked as private.  

Additionally, Humana could not contact each practice or physician whose claims expired because private emails hide senders' contact information.  

"Our system issues were centered around the Mimecast secure message portal. …. We still cannot see [claims reports] unless a workaround is used," a Humana representative said in email correspondence with the Texas Medical Association. "Some [physicians] we were not able to get a valid email address for. If we couldn't access the email, we didn't have a valid email to send a response to.”  

As of Aug. 29, Humana and Mimecast created a workaround to access hidden claims issues. Carra Benson, TMA’s director of reimbursement services, recommends practices follow up with Humana to ensure all claims documents submitted before that date were received.   

"If you haven't received a response for questions or appeals submitted within that timeframe, it will need to be resent," she said.  

Visit TMA’s Reimbursement, Review, and Resolution Service page for questions or concerns regarding insurance payments. 

Last Updated On

September 01, 2023

Originally Published On

September 01, 2023

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