Questions About COVID Vaccine Boosters? TMA Has an FAQ for That

Now that booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine have been approved, you are probably getting questions from your patients and have some of your own. The Texas Medical Association has you covered with two new resources.

Share the accessible and easy-to-read Frequently Asked Questions document with your patients to discuss topics like who is eligible for boosters and additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, mixing and matching different brands, what it means to be fully vaccinated, and whether COVID-19 shots can be given with other routine vaccines.

A more detailed but still concise fact sheet is designed to help physicians and other vaccine administrators in your practice sift through the particulars of COVID-19 vaccine booster eligibility, dosing recommendations, billing and coding, and tips and best practices for offering multiple vaccines at the same time.

As always, find these and other useful COVID-19 fact sheets, videos, graphics, and social media toolkits on TMA’s Vaccines Defend What Matters webpage.

Last Updated On

November 12, 2021

Originally Published On

November 12, 2021

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