A Quarter of Texans Could Have COVID-19 Antibodies, Survey Finds


More than a quarter of Texans could have COVID-19 antibodies, according to preliminary data from a statewide seroprevalance study by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. 

The Texas Coronavirus Antibody Response Survey, or Texas CARES, seeks to understand the human antibody response to the virus that causes COVID-19 and to identify the characteristics of those who do and don’t develop antibodies. It has been open to Texans ages 5 to 80 since late last year.

Researchers are asking physicians to continue to encourage patients to participate in the study, regardless of whether they have been tested or vaccinated for COVID-19.

As of April 5, more than 8,000 Texans have taken the survey, according to an online dashboard published by UT Health. The dashboard includes participant population data – including age, sex, and race – as well as seropositivity rates for each group.

According to the dashboard, 85.11% of participants who reported a previous positive COVID-19 diagnosis were seropositive, compared with 9.2% who had a negative diagnosis.

Other data from the dashboard include:

  • 26.14% of male participants and 25.33% of females were seropositive.
  • Most age groups had between 25% and 30% seropositivity, except people older than 80 at 13.04%.
  • 33% of participants younger than 10, and 32% ages 10 to 19 were seropositive.
  • All races had seropositivity rates between 22% and 25% except “Hawaiian or other” at 7.69%.

The study is designed to develop a better understanding of the virus and how it is affected by antibodies, including:

  • How many people in Texas have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19;
  • How long COVID-19 antibodies last in humans; and
  • The characteristics of people who develop COVID-19 antibodies as well as those who never develop antibodies. 

More information, including details about how to participate, can be found on the UTHealth website.

Last Updated On

April 06, 2021

Originally Published On

April 06, 2021

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