How Is Technology Impacting Your Practice? TMA Wants to Know

The Texas Medical Association has conducted numerous health information technology (HIT) surveys over the years to help guide TMA advocacy and develop physician resources. Here’s your chance again to tell TMA how technology is impacting your practice with its latest survey

“TMA’s 2020 physician survey revealed that 89% of Texas physicians are using electronic health records (EHRs), yet only 66% are either satisfied or very satisfied with their EHR. The satisfaction rate is unchanged from 2018,” said Ogechika Alozie, MD, chair of TMA’s HIT Committee.  

Dr. Alozie urges as many physicians as possible to complete the survey to better inform TMA on technology trends. 

The questionnaire should take 10 minutes or less to complete and asks for responses physicians should know off the top of their head.  

Dr. Alozie also encourages physicians to share the survey link with other physician colleagues to help boost participation. 

Last Updated On

February 22, 2023

Originally Published On

February 22, 2023