New Pocket Guides Added to TMA Quick Tips Page

Confused about billing for bilateral procedures or transitional care management? The wealth of resources on the Texas Medical Association’s Educational Quick Tips webpage recently grew with the addition of pocket guides for these services.

The variations in rules among different insurers can make it challenging and time-consuming for practices when billing for bilateral procedures, defined as procedures performed on both sides of the body during the same session or on the same day. TMA’s new pocket guide  gives you an at-a-glance resource to discern those differences.

Transitional care management – managing or overseeing coordination of certain services for patients discharged from an inpatient to a community setting – is an underutilized service, and practitioners often need to reference procedures to make sure they’re following the rules. The new TMA guide offers just that.

Visit TMA’s Educational Quick Tips page for dozens of other resources and tips on billing, coding, and documentation to help streamline your practice.

Last Updated On

November 12, 2021

Originally Published On

November 12, 2021

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