A Chance to Control Your Practice’s Health Insurance Costs


Typically, most group health plans have both a participation and a contribution requirement.

The participation requirement stipulates that to qualify for a group plan, at least 75 percent of full-time employees must be insured either on the group plan or be listed on a different plan on their waiver. The contribution requirement states that the employer must cover at least half of the premium cost for covered employees. 

However, TMA Insurance Trust has uncovered two special, limited-time waivers that can help your practice control the cost of health insurance. With these waivers, there are no participation or contribution requirements. 

Even if your practice does not provide employee coverage, you potentially could enroll in a special “group of one” PPO plan for your personal and family policy. 

To qualify for any of these waivers, including “group of one,” your practice must have a federal tax ID and at least one full-time employee on payroll. 

Waivers are available for a limited time; TMA Insurance Trust can help you with the process until Dec. 12, 2018. 

To receive insurance ID cards in time for any January appointments or medication refills, complete this form well before the deadline. 

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November 19, 2018

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