Watch for These ID Theft Red Flags

Identity theft is a growing problem. Your patients expect your office -- like any other business -- to help protect their personal identity information. Here are red flags that might indicate a patient's identity is being compromised.

  • A query from a patient about a bill or insurance statement for services never received or in someone else’s name,
  • Records showing medical treatment inconsistent with a patient’s medical history,
  • Suspicious documents such as a forged driver’s license or health insurance card,
  • A patient who has an insurance number but never produces a card or other documentation,
  • Name discrepancy on identification or insurance information, and
  • Personal information inconsistent with that already on file.

Depending on the degree of risk posed, your response to such incidents might be to monitor an account, contact the patient, or notify law enforcement. In some situations, you may determine no response is necessary.

Updated Aug. 15, 2012 

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