Medicare's Lump of Coal: What Can You Do Now?

Still pondering your Medicare participation for 2008? TMA's Feb. 7  Learn @ Lunch audio seminar can help you choose a course of action in light of Medicare's "lump of coal" for physicians. Although Congress at the last minute headed off the planned 10.1-percent cut in Medicare payments to physicians scheduled for Jan. 1, the six-month, 0.5-percent fee increase Congress granted physicians instead is wholly inadequate.

In addition, Medicare payment changes for 2008 vary by service, specialty, and locality, based on revised relative value units and adjustments. Because Congress acted so late in the session, Medicare has reopened the participation decision period for an additional 45 days, until Feb. 15. But with a 10-percent cut looming in the middle of the year, the participation decision is more complicated than ever.

"Medicare's Lump of Coal: What Is the New Fee Schedule, and What Can You Do Now?" will provide some answers. In this noon-to-1-pm session, you will:

  • Learn how Congress' actions affected the 2008 fee schedule,
  • Find out what to expect in six months and in future years,
  • Identify the three options for Medicare participation, and
  • Discover the requirements for the opt-out affidavit and patient-physician contract.

TMA's Learn @ Lunch audio seminars provide you and your staff a quick and easy way to stay on top of important issues that affect the business side of your medical practice. You can listen in on these one-hour updates alone or with several colleagues from the same office. It's a quick, no-hassle way to learn more about important issues without leaving the office.

Action , Jan. 15, 2008

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