TMA Alliance Helps Launch New Chapter for Spouses Without Local Organization
By Patrick McDaid


To increase participation in organized medicine across Texas, leaders of the Lone Star Caucus asked the Texas Medical Association Alliance (TMAA) for help in developing a chapter for spouses of county medical societies without local alliances.

The chapter will be known as the Lone Star Alliance

While physicians in smaller county medical societies have been able partake in the benefits and privileges offered by the Texas Medical Association, there was a missed opportunity for partners, said El Paso internist Roxanne Tyroch, MD. She is vice chair of the Lonestar Caucus, which is comprised of smaller, nonmetro county medical societies.

“It was something I proposed to TMA a few months ago. We talked to leadership and decided to move forward with forming something that would make it easier for spouses who would like to become TMAA members but did not want that administrative burden of organizing a chapter,” she said.

An alliance in El Paso is long overdue, said Dr. Tyroch, who, along with other El Paso physicians, is leaning on TMA to help “jumpstart them from nothing.”

“We have missed out on the partnership in the past, so it would be difficult if those areas in Texas that do have alliances didn’t help. It is important for us to help one another.”

TMAA President Elizabeth Vanexan helped develop the Lonestar Alliance during her presidency and hopes to see the benefits offered expand after her time at the TMAA helm is over.

“As a newly formed chapter of the TMAA, the Lone Star Alliance was created for members without an active or organized local alliance and for members who were previously grouped as members at large,” she explained. “My hope is to grow the Lone Star Alliance across Texas so that all in the medical community benefit from the connections and support felt by those who are alliance members.”

Lone Star Alliance membership dues are as follows: $50 for active members, $25 for retired members, and $10 for widows and widowers.

Applications will be accepted until March 31 for the 2024 membership cycle. Those interested can also call the TMA Knowledge Center at (800) 880-7955 to join.  

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February 29, 2024

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February 29, 2024

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