TMA Special Interest Sections’ Elections

We are proud to introduce incoming executive council members for each special interest section. Their terms begin at the conclusion of TexMed 2023. 

TMA Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Executive Council

  • Shangir H. Siddique, MD; chair-elect;
  • Daniel J. Hulgan, MD; secretary;
  • Subhan Tabba, MD; board of trustees representative;
  • Moe Ameri, MD, Mrinalini Buddha, MD, Daniel J. Hulgan, MD, Chia (Steve) Yuan Hsu, MD, Matthew McGlennon, DO, Maria Najam, MD, Colleen O’Neill, MD, Arifa Plumber, MD; TMA delegates; and
  • Max Galvan, MD, Manual Garza, MD, Chakrapani Pathikonda, MD, Zaid I. Shah, DO, Subhan Tabba, MD, Robert Todd, MD; TMA alternate delegates.

TMA Young Physician Section (YPS) Executive Council

  • Zishan Hirani, MD; chair-elect;
  • Brandi N. Ring, MD; secretary;
  • Aruna L. Jahoor, MD, Jeniffer Okungbowa-Ikponmwosa, MD, Renny Varghese, MD, Gina M. Vento, MD; TMA delegates;
  • Cynthia D. Coyne, MD, Sina Najafi, DO, Pooja Sethi, MD; TMA alternate delegates;
  • Joy Lo Chen, MD, Emma L. Dishner, MD, Zishan Hirani, MD, Samuel E. Mathis, MD, Myphuong (Theresa) Phan, MD; AMA delegates; and
  • Pooja Sethi, MD, Renny Varghese, MD; AMA alternate delegates.

TMA LGBTQ Health Section Executive Council

  • Kelly Bennett, MD; chair-elect;
  • Celia B. Neavel, MD; secretary;
  • Emily D. Briggs, MD; TMA delegate;
  • Geordi Cortez-Neavel, Texas A&M University; TMA alternate delegate; and
  • Kelby Kosel, Sam Houston State University; medical student representative.

TMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) Executive Council

  • Maria C. Monge, MD; chair-elect;
  • Emily H. George, MD; secretary; and
  • Sara Woodward Dyrstad, MD; TMA alternate delegate.

The special interest sections’ executive councils’ direct activities for the section. The new representatives will begin their terms at the conclusion of TexMed 2023. For the latest updates, and to look out for more information on section events and opportunities during TexMed 2023, visit your section’s webpage.

Last Updated On

March 03, 2023

Originally Published On

March 03, 2023