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Volume 118, Number 3 - April 2022

The Leadership Issue

Natural-Born Healer (pages 18-23)
As the fourth president to serve during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gary Floyd, MD, hopes his term will coincide with a profound sense of unity among Texas physicians as they start to redirect their attention from the virus to whatever comes next. By Emma Freer

Peaks From the Valley (pages 24-25)
E. Linda Villarreal, MD, reflects on her term as TMA president. By Emma Freer

A New Day (page 26)
Incoming TMA Alliance President Libby White aims to expand the organization’s reach and appeal. By Sean Price

TMA Leaders in the News (pages 28-31)
TMA physicians maximize media appearances to inform the public during COVID-19. By Joey Berlin

Amplified by AMA (pages 33-37)
TMA physicians’ participation in AMA can boost Texas’ voice at the national level. By Sean Price

Voice of Reason (pages 38-39)
TMA’s Board of Councilors tackles ethical policymaking. By Emma Freer


Other news stories: 

Law: Legal Legacies (pages 10-12)
TMA General Counsel Rocky Wilcox retires after 42 years of service, leaving behind solid legal ground for Texas physicians. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

Law: Victory in Court (pages 14-16)
TMA’s win in its surprise-billing lawsuit is also a win for access to care. And a federal memo signals compliance with that victory – for now. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: De-Emphasizing Devices (pages 40-43)
Physicians can help parents deal with phone addiction and overuse. Here’s how. By Sean Price

Public Health: Commissioned with Change (page 44-45) 
HHSC commissioner Cecile Young talks to Texas Medicine upcoming policy changes. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

Vaccines (page 47) 
Talk to Patients About: Should I Get Vaccinated If I’ve Had COVID-19? By Sean Price

Profile (page 48) 
COVID’s impact on education By Sean Price

Also in this issue:  

04 Rounds, Deaths


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