TMA Supports Evidence-Based Gender-Affirming Care in Lawsuit
By Amy Lynn Sorrel


As the Doe v. Abbott lawsuit heads to a hearing today over whether to block state investigations involving certain care provided to transgender youth, among other issues, the Texas Medical Association has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case in support of medically necessary, gender-affirming care, and opposing the criminalization of such treatment.

The lawsuit was sparked by state actions characterizing certain “medical and chemical” treatments for transgender youth as “child abuse.” A judge temporarily blocked the state from enforcing the actions against the plaintiffs in an order issued last week. A follow-up hearing on the request for a statewide temporary injunction is set for today.

TMA’s brief addresses “the acceptance and medical necessity of gender-affirming care for adolescents with gender dysphoria” and raises concerns the state actions “will create barriers in access to care for transgender adolescents, a vulnerable population that already faces barriers in access to care.”  

TMA is also in talks with state leadership on the issue. Continue to read Texas Medicine Today for ongoing coverage.

Last Updated On

March 14, 2022

Originally Published On

March 10, 2022

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