TMA Resource: Help Your Patients Adapt to Telemedicine

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to be lessening, and many practices reporting the majority of their patient visits are once again in person, it’s important to let your patients know telemedicine options still exist.

The Texas Medical Association’s telemedicine webpage offers many resources to help you maintain and maximize the telemedicine portion of your practice.

Those resources include a Telemedicine Visit Tips document for patients to help them get the most out of a virtual visit with recommendations like:

  • Finding a quiet and private space at the patient’s location;
  • Making sure lighting is overhead or in front to prevent glares and shadows;
  • Ensuring the device used is charged or plugged in; and
  • Adjusting the angle of the camera so the patient fills as much of the screen as possible.

Patients should always know their health care choices and be aware that their local physician may also offer telemedicine visits. During an in-person visit, make patients aware that you still offer telemedicine. When your patients come into the office, along with handing out the Visit Tips document, you can ask them to sign a telemedicine consent form (also available on TMA’s telemedicine page) and provide instructions for use of your practice-specific telemedicine platform so they’ll be prepared for a future telemedicine visit when it’s appropriate.

Questions about TMA telemedicine resources or other office technologies may be directed to the TMA Knowledge Center by calling (800) 880-1300 or by email.

Last Updated On

March 04, 2022

Originally Published On

March 04, 2022

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