Changing Your Medicare Participation Status for 2022


The Texas Medical Association is still working to convince Congress to stop several cuts for 2022 payments for Medicare physician services that would total nearly 10%. But with those cuts still going into effect as of now, you may wish to modify your Medicare participation status.  

The deadline to change your Medicare status for the upcoming year is Dec. 31.

Physicians have three choices. You can:

  • Be a participating provider who accepts all Medicare patients and payment amounts
  • Be a nonparticipating provider who doesn’t have to accept all Medicare assignments but can still choose to accept some assignments for individual services; or
  • Opt out of Medicare entirely.

You can find more information on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website as well as the website for Novitas Solutions, Texas’ Medicare contractor.

Last Updated On

November 30, 2021

Originally Published On

November 29, 2021

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