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Volume 117, Number 5 — May 2021

The Leadership Issue

Cover Story

From the Valley to the Top (pages 16-22)
When E. Linda Villarreal, MD, tells you, “My passion is medicine,” purer truth is hard to imagine. The Edinburg internist has pursued medicine – and the betterment of the profession – through every conceivable end and repeated personal trials. By Joey Berlin

Fite's Points of Pride (pages 22-23)
Outgoing TMA President Diana L. Fite, MD's COVID-plagued presidency did not stop her from accomplishing important goals. By  Joey Berlin

Profile: LGBTQ Health (pages 24-27)
TMA’s newest section helps Texas physicians treat a widely misunderstood population. By Sean Price 

Profile: RUC-Solid Leadership (pages 28-30)
Zeke Silva, MD, looks to move Medicare payments into the future as chair of a key AMA committee. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: The ABCs of Health (pages 36-39)
Physician leadership on school health advisory councils, or SHACs, can improve local policies. By Sean Price


Public Health: A Healthy Knowledge (pages 32-34)
The more literate patients are about health matters, the easier it is for physicians to treat them. By Sean Price

Legislative Affairs: Longer Coverage, Longer Lives (pages 40-43)
TMA urges Texas to keep pregnant women on Medicaid 12 months postpartum following federal enticement in COVID-19 relief bill. By Joey Berlin

Vaccines (page 47)
Talk to Patients About: Vaccines and additives. By Sean Price

Also in this issue:

04 Commentary: Talking through vaccine hesitancy
08 History of Medicine: UT Austin’s brain collection
12 Rounds
48 #TMAMemberMonday

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May 01, 2021