Four Reasons Your Practice Should Start an Online Store


Online shopping continues to grow in popularity, aided in large part this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, it’s estimated that 91% of Americans will shop online by 2023. 

That makes your website a prime location to highlight not only your practice’s services, but its products as well. 

Adding an online store to your website is an easy way to educate your patients about your products and a convenient way for patients to access those products. 

Here are four key reasons to consider an online store for your practice. 

1. Make products available 24/7

With an online store, your patients don't have to drive to your office to pick up products or order a necessity at the last minute. Instead, patients can purchase products at any time and have those items delivered straight to their door. 

Plus, selling your products online and in your practice gives you more opportunities to provide great customer service to your patients. 

2. Update your online store instantly

A major advantage of an online store is the ability to easily add products. You can quickly update and edit product information, such as price, variants, and availability. 

3. Reach more people

More than half of online shoppers begin their search on Amazon, so integrating your store with online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay can help you reach even more patients.

Most online stores also integrate with social media marketplaces such as Instagram Shoppable Post and Facebook Marketplace, potentially putting your products in front of millions of social media users.

4. Boost your practice visibility

With an online store, your practice could show up higher on search engines such as Google when potential patients search for a product or service. 

If you're interested in adding an online store, visit Officite’s website to learn how.  

Officite is a Texas Medical Association-endorsed vendor that provides practice websites and online marketing services to TMA physician members at exclusively discounted rates. 

You also can find more resources and information from TMA on marketing your practice on the TMA website.

Last Updated On

December 01, 2020

Originally Published On

December 01, 2020

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