TMAF Caring for Physician Healers

Mental Health and Wellness Resources During COVID-19 Grants

Spurred by the demands and circumstances of delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic, TMA established its Caring for Physician Healers: Mental Health and Wellness Resources During COVID-19 Fund with support from the Pfizer Foundation. Three applications deadlines were offered this summer and fall. County Medical Society-led activities such as professional counseling, yoga, video presentations and more will help strengthen the capacity of physician healers during a time when so many Texans need and depend on their expertise and compassion. If you are a member of any of the following societies, be sure to contact your society for the start date and specific details on activities and resources offered. 

Bell County Medical Society: Women in Medicine Physician Health and Wellness (NEW)

This grant request is for funding to provide leader training in the Meaning in Medicine program and facilitate virtual meetings throughout Bell county. Baylor Scott & White has had years of experience working on physician health and wellness under the direction of Dr. Dawn Sears. Dawn Sears, MD, head of the Bell CMS Women in Medicine Physician Health and Wellness (WIMPHW) Task Force and will use her experience with prior work the Baylor Scott & White Meaning in Medicine program which used gender-specific group interaction to reduce burnout and improved retention and engagement for women physicians.

Dallas County Medical Society: Emotional PPE Project (NEW) 

This program is a partnership between Dallas County Medical Society (DCMS) and the national Emotional PPE Project. The Emotional PPE Project is a robust, nationally built-out program created in May of 2020 to address the mental health crisis among healthcare workers that has been exacerbated due to COVID-19. The Project has volunteer mental health counselors mobilized nationwide with capacity to serve any healthcare worker, free of charge, anywhere in the country. As of September 1st, healthcare workers in 21 states have accessed the service and are received counseling. For more information: Dallas Emotional PPE

Ector County Medical Society: Yoga-- A practice to build self-regulation and higher consciousness (NEW)

This 90-minute, bi-weekly yoga session with experienced instructors is offered to address physician’s well-being and the stress during the pandemic. The classes will be conducted via Zoom meetings to teach various stress management techniques, breathing exercises and balance poses.

Lubbock County Medical Society: Physicians Connecting and Contributing (NEW)

This program consists weekly meetings of small groups of four physicians each. A certified life coach will cover a different topic will be covered during each session including 1) Finances, 2) Relationships (family and colleagues as well as staff and workplace), 3) Compulsions, 4) Self-Care, 4) Mentoring/Leadership, and 5) Compassion.

McLennan County Medical Society: LifeBridge

This program recognizes the issues physicians face in medicine today, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides a resource for handling these challenges in a safe and positive environment.  The LifeBridge Program offers an outlet for physicians experiencing: 1) burnout; 2) chronic stress; 3) depression; 4) addiction; and 5) distress by making available up to four counseling or coaching sessions per year at no cost to the physician with licensed therapists.
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Smith County Medical Society; Physician Wellness Program (NEW)

This program will be designed to cast a broad safety net over physician members by intensely focusing on helping with awareness and improvement of their mental health and well-being. Once developed, the program will 1) introduce health and wellness topics via an annual video conference, and provide monthly instruction on meditation, exercise and yoga practices; 2) provide online educational resources; and 3) provide a confidential counseling and coaching program to member physicians.

Travis County Medical Society: Physician Wellness Program

The Physician Wellness Program is designed to be a safe harbor for physicians to address normal life difficulties in a confidential and professional environment by providing 1) a confidential counseling/intervention service to physicians in need; and 2) opportunities for physicians to share experiences in small groups and participate in educational events including the nationally recognized “Finding Meaning in Medicine” monthly video conference.
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March 25, 2021

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November 19, 2020