Not All Clicks Are Created Equal

(A Better Alternative to Google and Facebook Ads)

Ads placed through platforms like Google and Facebook can reach large audiences or networks. Unfortunately, they can also drain budgets and provide mixed results. To better reach qualified leads, try placing web ads directly with independent online publishers, professional associations, nonprofits, and other organizations related to the industry or market you’re hoping to reach.

Consider this: 64% of consumers believe companies should support issues that align with their product. Leveraging ad dollars to associate a brand with the entities consumers already trust and believe in can benefit advertisers exponentially. Here’s more on why this strategy might work for you:

1. Audiences Are Pre-Curated and Devoted.
Don’t settle for a best guess when building your target audience. Because associations generally center their communications channels around a common cause or purpose, user demographics like ‘interests’ and ‘profession’ are easily identifiable and built right into the placement. Audience ‘location’ (state, city, or community) can also often be included in your planning. Additionally, advertisers can trust the consumers they target through these outlets are invested in a given topic. 

2. Impressions Are More Meaningful.
The location of an ad impression can impact its effectiveness, and signal more to consumers than you may think. When a dues-paying member sees your ad on their nonprofit’s website, it sends a powerful message: “We care about what you care about – and we support your cause.” Consumers, in turn, reward companies for these philanthropic connections. A recent study on cause-based marketing found that 66% of consumers would switch from a product they typically buy to a new product from a purpose-driven company.

3. Shift From Awareness to Engagement.
A key step to any successful marketing campaign is a comprehensive strategy for engagement. Although independent publishers are often overlooked, they offer what many online platforms can’t – the opportunity for direct consumer interaction. Look for entities that conduct digital conferences and remote networking events. Advertisers can generally take advantage of marketing bundles that mix events with digital and print placements. Sponsorship can also serve as the perfect complement to an online marketing campaign. Businesses with limited budgets should always inquire about custom sponsor options or packages.

The bottom line is, don’t rely on Google and Facebook ads alone. Instead, try advertising directly through an association, nonprofit, or other entity. You can avoid common pitfalls (like imprecise audience targeting or unintended exclusions in display networks), develop a stronger connection with consumers, and take advantage of more integrated approaches to your marketing.

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Last Updated On

October 22, 2020

Originally Published On

August 21, 2020