TEXPAC’s Candidates Nearly Sweep the Super Tuesday Field
By Jennifer Perkins


Super Tuesday was super for the Party of Medicine in Texas.

Nearly every one of the 132 legislative candidates endorsed by TEXPAC, the Texas Medical Association political action committee, won their party’s nomination in the March 3 primary. Another five are headed for runoff elections on May 26. Only two lost outright.

“The House of Medicine stands strong,” said TEXPAC Board of Directors Chair Brad Patt, MD. “Thank you to everyone who voted for our candidates. Our supported candidates won or moved on to runoffs in 98% of the races we were involved in.”

See the outcome of all the legislative races with TEXPAC-endorsed candidates

Under Texas law, if no candidate in a party primary receives more than 50% of the vote, the top two finishers advance to a runoff election.

Runoffs generally have significantly lower voter turnout than primary elections, so every vote is critical. “Please remember those candidates in the runoffs need our continued support. Runoff elections are decided by who mobilizes their supporters to vote,” said Dr. Patt.

Of particular importance is reelecting Rep. J.D. Sheffield, DO (R-Gatesville), one of six TMA-member physicians in the Texas Legislature. All three others who were on the ballot – State Sen. Dawn Buckingham, MD (R-Lakeway), and State Reps. Greg Bonnen, MD (R-Friendswood) and Tom Oliverson, MD (R-Cypress) – won their party’s nominations without opposition. U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess, MD (R-Lewisville), the only TMA member in Congress, easily defeated three challengers.

Dr. Sheffield faced two very well financed opponents Tuesday and came in second. TEXPAC leaders say he is an ally and advocate for health care in Texas, uniquely understanding as a physician the need for lawmakers to protect health care from government overreach. In the Super Tuesday race, TEXPAC supported him extensively with campaign contributions, newspaper advertisements, and a get-out-the-vote project aimed at physicians who live in the eight-county, mostly rural district.

TEXPAC will send an updated endorsement list for the runoffs. TEXPAC’s endorsement is important to the candidates in runoff races, but your vote is critical to their election, Dr. Patt says.



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March 04, 2020

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March 04, 2020

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