Which Presidential Candidate Stands for What Again?
By Steve Levine


Just because the field of major candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination has dropped from nearly two dozen down to six doesn’t mean it’s easy to remember who is for Medicare for All, who wants to stand up to the anti-vaxxers, and who might be a tort reform champion.  

A group of dedicated Harris County physicians has a cure for “too many candidates confusion disorder.” They compiled a simple table of the candidates’ positions on seven key health care policy issues based on the candidates’ official websites and The Washington Post’s “We’re Asking 2020 Democrats Where They Stand on Key Issues.” 

When those physicians asked if Texas Medical Association members statewide might be interested in their work, we jumped at the chance to publish it for you

If you want more details about the health care issues in the presidential campaign, check out “Big Noises, Big Issues,” the cover story in the November 2019 edition of Texas Medicine magazine. 

Remember, early voting in Texas’ Super Tuesday party primaries is now open and runs through Friday, Feb. 28. 

TEXPAC, TMA’s bipartisan political arm, does not endorse in presidential races but has endorsed nearly 150 candidates from both parties for the March 3 elections. TEXPAC’s four-step endorsement process leans heavily on the recommendations of local physician leaders.

Last Updated On

February 24, 2020

Originally Published On

February 24, 2020