Review Cigna Patient Feedback Before It Goes Public
By Ellen Terry


Now is the time to preview your patients’ reviews that will appear in provider directories starting in early 2020 – or you can opt out of having your patient reviews published in Cigna’s directories. 

Since April, Cigna has been asking your patients – after you file a claim for their preventive care or specialty office visit – if they would recommend you to their family and friends. The specialty visits queried are for dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, primary care, and telehealth. Cigna verifies and vets the reviews. 

To see any reviews you may have:

  • Log in to
  • Under Latest Updates: View your patient reviews, click on “Learn more.” 
  • Ask the person your practice assigned as its Cigna website access manager for access to patient reviews. 
  • Once you are granted access, see your reviews by logging into > Working with Cigna > Patient Reviews.

You can request removal of a review if you think it’s inappropriate or inaccurate, Cigna said, and if it agrees, it will remove the feedback. Cigna did not provide a deadline for such requests. You also can request online to respond globally (not to a specific patient) through Cigna. A Cigna representative will call you to vet and walk you through posting your response, which will appear in the provider directory.

“Posting a response can show you are paying attention,” said Steve Levine, Texas Medical Association communications vice president, “but physicians also must be careful to comply with HIPAA and other privacy laws if they choose to respond.”

Read additional general information from TMA on protecting your online reputation.

If you have questions about Cigna’s review program or need help gaining access to your reviews, call Cigna at (800) 853-2713.

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December 13, 2019

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