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Volume 115, Number 9 — September 2019 

Cover Story: A New Understanding (pages 20-25)

LGBTQ patients experience a disproportionate number of health problems, including high rates of mental illness, HIV, obesity, suicide, homelessness, and tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. Many physicians who would like to treat LGBTQ patients often hesitate because they fear they lack the training. While it's important for physicians to educate themselves on caring for LGBTQ patients, it's equally important for those patients to have better access to care. 

Q&A:Danielle Arnold, MD, on the benefits of breast milk (pages 6-7)  

Legislative Affairs: Doctors Drive New Opioid Laws (pages 26-28)

A 10-day limit on prescribing opioids substances and integration of the state’s prescription monitoring program bring new considerations for prescribers.

Economics: Quality Care Pilot Takes Flight (pages 30-33)

How one children's clinic used a targeted program to dramatically lower costs and improve care. 

Education: Unlocking Doors (pages 36-37)

Mentoring minority students. 

Law: Fighting Back (pages 40-41)

One practice’s recent legal battle epitomizes physicians’ worst nightmares when it comes to online reviews and serves as a reminder for how to deal with them. 

Public Health: Clearing the Air on Cannabis (pages 42-44)

New Texas laws loosened rules on the use of cannabis oil, creating new challenges for physicians.

Vaccines: (page 47)

Talk to Patients About: Vaccines During Pregnancy


Also in this issue:  

Journal: Maximizing EHR Use

Rounds, Deaths

Imaging: TCU/UNT 

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