Improve Your Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Well-Being


It’s a typical day. You wake up and drive to work knowing you have dozens of patients to see, several of which are difficult cases.

How do you cleanse your mind? How do you keep a positive perspective? How do you keep your strength of mind?

Connecting to what inspires you helps you fuel your passion and intention. It provides you with peace, perspective, and clarity. However, maintaining that perspective during your workweek can be difficult.

The Texas Medical Association’s Committee on Physician Health and Wellness has developed CME courses that will help you stay positive, let go of angry thoughts, and relieve stress and burnout.

Explore your spirituality. Spirituality influences thoughts and behaviors that can lead to peace and contentment as well as improved health outcomes. Learn how to explore your spiritual connection so you can build resilience, cope with emotional stress, and improve patient satisfaction with the CME course, Spirituality and Medicine.

Let go of angry thoughts. Be self-aware. You are in control of your passion. Passion led you here. CME courses help you learn how to cultivate positive emotions and create a positive vibe. Check out The Fabric of Balance and Happiness, which will help you take control of your emotions.

Delete shallow work relationships. Often, health care administrators and medical professionals are so busy that they don’t stop to improve what could be a better relationships with their colleagues. A lack of camaraderie and a poor culture can lead to turnover and worse – a feeling of solitude or thoughts of suicide.

These courses will help you identify the warning signs of suicidal ideation and show you techniques to reduce stress and encourage healthy behaviors for yourself and those around you.

Looking for more? Download these free brochures: Stress and Burnout in an Environment of Change, Substance Use Disorders Among Colleagues, Early Symptoms and Potential Consequences.

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Last Updated On

May 16, 2022

Originally Published On

August 09, 2019

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