50-Year Club: Past Presidents

Although the 50-Year Club no longer elects officers, recognition is given below of Past Presidents.



William Gonzaba, MD 2014
Estrella de Forster, MD     2013
Charles B. Mullins, MD 2012
Lawrence A. Stone, MD 2011

James B. Morrison, MD, FACP


John D. Bonnet, MD, FACP


Joseph T. Painter, MD


Harold R. High, MD

A. Bryan Spires, MD 2006
Denton A. Cooley, MD 2005
Elgin W. Ware, Jr., MD 2004
Sam A. Nixon, MD 2003
Milton Davis, MD 2002
Alfred W. Glaess, MD 2001
Louis Gibson, MD 2000
George J. Race, MD 1999
Raymond Hampton, MD 1998
Ed Crocker, MD 1997
Charles Bailey, MD 1996
Joseph Ainsworth, MD 1995
Charles Gillespie, MD 1994
Haden McKay, MD 1993
Dolphus Compere, MD 1992
Valter Brindley, MD 1991
Robert Moreton, MD 1990
Charles E. Willingham, MD 1989
Albert A. Tisdale, MD 1988
John J. Sloan, MD 1987
Max E. Johnson, MD 1986


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