Winners of the Inaugural TMA Physician Health and Wellness Poster Session – 2019

These winning posters highlighted health and wellness innovations and strategies used within academic medical centers.

The posters were presented at the inaugural Physician Health and Wellness Exchange: From Super Being to Human Being on March 2, 2019, at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Student Category 

2019 Uhlig Reche

Roy Lei; Hannah Uhlig-Reche, BS; Mary Adeyeye, BS; Dana McDowelle, PhD; and LaTanya Love, MD, from UT Health McGovern Medical School in Houston presented the wining poster, “#McGovern Wellness: Promoting Medical Student Wellness Through Social Media.” Social media in the medical landscape is prevalent and evolving rapidly. Early social media education focused on avoiding risks; however, current efforts have encouraged reflection and opportunities. The McGovern Medical School Wellness and Resilience Committee concluded that through social media platforms, it is able not only to garner a stronger sense of community but also equip medical students with a variety of tools to improve their wellness. Another McGovern Medical School campaign, The Human of McGovern (HoM) has been successful in shining light on the diverse and unique faculty, staff, and students comprising the school’s community. 


Resident Category

2019 DAyish and BPowell MD

 Winners in the fellow/resident category are Doha Ayish, PGY-4, chief resident; Liang Zhu, PhD; and Nicole R. Gonzales, MD, from McGovern Medical School with their poster, “Physical, Emotional, and Social Impact of the Stridekick® Challenge.” Burnout and common stressors impair health care organizations and individuals. How do you incorporate exercise into a busy medical professional’s daily routine? The answer was a step challenge. To encourage group exercise and socializing, teams were assigned and prizes were given to the teams that produced the most steps. The poster concluded a user-friendly, low-cost step challenge was associated with improved emotional, physical and social health.

Faculty/Staff Category 

2019 FisherJ Poster Session Winner

Joslyn Fisher, MD, MPH; Thomas P. Giordano, MD, MPH; Sandra B. Haudel, MS, PhD; and the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Medicine Vice Chair Group for Faculty & Staff Development developed their winning poster, “Sunshine Grants: Planting Seeds of Wellness in an Academic Medical Department.” This study showed that with minimal funds, diverse, interdisciplinary, and effective “grassroots” wellness opportunities can be developed and/or supplemented to foster wellness among faculty and staff members within large, diverse academic medical departments. The developers met an objective for interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration. They learned that fostering a culture of wellness for faculty and staff may have an impact beyond the academic medical department.

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