Student Representatives and Alternate Representatives to TMA Boards, Councils, and Committees

The TMA-MSS Executive Council recommends names to the TMA President for these year-long positions.  Terms begin at the conclusion of TMA’s annual meeting, TexMed, and end at the conclusion of the next annual meeting of the TMA-MSS.  To apply for a position on a TMA-BCC submit an application by April 15.

2018-19 BCC Student Representatives and Alternate Representatives: 

Board of Trustees (1)
William Estes, Special Appointee 

Texas Medicine Editorial Board (1)
Pranati Pillutla, Representative

TMA Foundation Board of Trustees (1)
Sinan Bana, Representative 

Board of Councilors
Kim Hyunyoung, Representative
Chi-Tam Nguyen, Alt. Representative 

TEXPAC Board of Directors (1 per school)
Mihir Shukla, Representative, Baylor
Christina Stull, Representative, Dell
Amy Mullikan, Representative, McGovern
Akaanksh Shetty, Representative, Paul L.  Foster
Lucy Smith, Representative, TCOM
Rebecca Haines, Representative, Texas A&M
Elisa Vengalil, Representative, Texas Tech
Vinh-Son Nguyen, Representative, UTHealth San Antonio
Jonathan Eledge, Representative, UTMB
Patrick Ojeaga, Representative, UTRGV
Al-Karim Gilani, Representative, UTSW
Marc Ghosn, Representative, UIW

Council on Constitution and Bylaws
William Sessions II, Representative
Anish Patnaik, Alt. Representative 

Council on Health Care Quality
Ashley Chang, Representative
Abirami Rajasegaran, Alt. Representative 

Council on Health Promotions 
Kayle Stevenson, Representative
Christian Beltran, Alt. Representative 

Council on Health Service Organizations
Ross Terada, Representative
Jena Deitrick, Alt. Representative 

Council on Legislation
Lauren Fuller, Representative
Madeline Smoot, Alt. Representative 

Council on Medical Education
Meenakshi Manivannan, Representative
Akshar Dash, Alt. Representative 

Council on Practice Management Services
Sejal Lahoti, Representative
Sneha Aidasani, Alt. Representative 

Council on Science and Public Health
Erin King, Representative
Tanner Shaw, Alt. Representative 

Council on Socioeconomics
Jasmin Aldridge, Representative
Waqas Haque, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Cancer
Sammar Ghannam, Representative
Viraj Parikh, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Child and Adolescent Health
Courtney Welch, Representative
Gretta Smith, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Continuing Education
John Jackson, Representative
Kimberly Khoo, Alt. Representative 

Educational Scholarship and Loan Committee
Jordan McKinney, Representative
Joseph Camarano, Alt. Representative 

Committee on EMS & Trauma
Alysha Joseph, Representative
Christian Davidson, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Infectious Diseases
Brent Gudenkauf, Representative
Steven Mai, Alt. Representative 

Committee on History of Medicine
George Parker, Representative
Colleen O’Neill, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Medical Home and Primary Care
Paul Brindley, Representative
David Lam, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Membership (1)
Aaron Wolbrueck, Representative

Patient-Physician Advocacy Committee
Vinay Vaz, Representative
Stephen Haff, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Physician Distribution and Health Care Access
Brian Fremaux, Representative
Ryan Burden, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Physician Health and Wellness
Nikita Dhir, Representative
Jessica Gale, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Reproductive, Women's and Perinatal Health
Victoria Petruzzi, Representative
Ankita Brahmaroutu, Alt. Representative 

Committee on Rural Health
Sharan Bijlani, Representative
Thomas Reeve, Alt. Representative 

Subcommittee on Transfusion and Transplantation
Raveena Patel, Representative
Anna Rogalska, Alt. Representative 

TEXPAC Candidate Evaluation Committee (1)
Jonathan Eisen, Representative

TEXPAC Executive Committee (1)
Jane Gilmore, Representative


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December 18, 2018

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August 29, 2018

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