Reviewers Required for Rural Revenue Recipients
By David Doolittle

2.6 rural reviewRural. Say it out loud: Rural.

A bit tricky to say, isn’t it? Rural. Seems like a few more letters are needed between the Rs.

You know what else can be tricky? Providing health care in rural areas –  particularly knowing what hospitals and other health systems need when building or improving facilities, or when buying equipment.

If you understand rural health needs and have some time to help facilities in those areas seek state funding, the State Office of Rural Health needs your help.

The office recently launched a competitive matching grant program, the Rural Health Facility Capital Improvement Program (CIP), and needs reviewers to help select recipients for 2018-19.

Reviewers are expected to thoroughly analyze each application and provide written feedback to the applicant on the strengths and weaknesses of the grant proposal. Reviewers also need to be diligent enough to recognize any conflict of interest between the applicant and reviewer. 

Tentative review schedule:  

  • CIP grant application deadline: Feb. 15 
  • CIP grant applications processed: Feb. 15 – March 2 
  • CIP grant applications mailed/emailed to reviewers: Week of March 5 
  • Reviewer orientation conference calls: Week of March 5 
  • Reviewer’s application scoresheets returned: By April 6 
  • CIP staff conducts selection process: April – May 
  • Awards announced: May – June 

If all of this sounds appealing, email or by Feb. 16.

Last Updated On

February 06, 2018

Originally Published On

February 06, 2018