Medical Records Retention for Pregnant Patients

Q. How long does an obstetrician or other physician who treats women during pregnancy need to keep patient records? Is it until age 21 of the baby, or seven years after the mother was last treated?

A. Texas Medical Board (TMB) rules regarding medical records retention do not specifically mention obstetricians or other specific specialties. 

Physicians who treat women during pregnancy might want to keep those patients’ medical records longer than the seven years from date of last treatment — what TMB rules specify for adult patients — in case any problems come up regarding the prenatal care of the child (regardless of whether the physician did not actually deliver the baby, or participate in its care once it was born). Most liability carriers suggest keeping the medical records until the baby the patient was carrying turns 21; however, check with your liability carrier for recommendations specific to your situation.

For general information on medical records retention, see the TMA white paper, “Retention of Medical Records,” (TMA members only). For more about medical records, visit the TMA Medical Records resource page, or take TMA’s on-demand webinar, Medical Records: Most Wanted Answers.

Have a question about medical records or other topics? Find answers in the TMA FAQs (TMA members only), or ask the TMA Knowledge Center.

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Published July 27, 2017

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July 28, 2017

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