HMO Antiracketeering Lawsuit Settlement Enforcement Toolkit


Health Plan Settlements At a Glance

Summary of Lawsuit Settlements
Prospective Relief
Fairer Payment Rules

Compliance Disputes


Step-By-Step Guide
Official Compliance Dispute Forms
- Aetna: Word document or  Online form
- CIGNA: Word document or  Online form

Health Net

Step-By-Step Guide
Official Compliance Dispute Form: Word document
   (Online form not yet available)

Anthem/WellPoint (not yet available)

Step-By-Step Guide
Official Compliance Dispute Form

Billing Disputes

Step-By-Step Guides

Health Net (not yet available)
Anthem/WellPoint (not yet available)

Settlement Overviews

Health Net

Examples Of Compliance Disputes

More Information/Contact People

  • Catherine Hanson, General Counsel, California Medical Association, 221 Main Street, Suite 580,San Francisco, Ca 94105    Email:     Phone: (415) 882-5135
  • Deborah Winegard, General Counsel,  Medical Association of Georgia  1330 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 500,  Atlanta, Georgia 30309,  Email: ,   Phone: (404) 876-7535
  •  Cameron ("Cam") Staples,  Counsel to:  Connecticut State Medical Society, c/oNeubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C., 195 Church Street, 13th Floor, New Haven, CT  06510-2009,   Email:   ccs[at]npmlaw[dot]com , Phone: (203) 821-2000 
  • Donald P. "Rocky" Wilcox.  General Counsel, Texas Medical Association, 401 West 15th Street, Austin, Texas 78701,  Email:   rocky.wilcox[at]texmed[dot]org , Phone:  (512) 370-1336
  • Carol Scheele, Associate General Counsel, North Carolina Medical Society, 222 North Person Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27601, Email: ,  Phone:  919-833-3836
  • Don Moy, General Counsel, 420 Lakeville Road, PO Box 5404, Lake Success, NY 11042-5404,  Email: ,  Phone:  (516) 488-6100

Signatory Medical Societies (See  for list of additional medical societies for each settlement agreement)

American Medical Association : Private Sector Advocacy

Compliance Dispute Facilitators



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