55.058 Sexual Orientation Change Efforts in Minors


55.058 Sexual Orientation Change Efforts in Minors: (1) The Texas Medical Association supports treatment and therapies rooted in acceptance and support regarding an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identification and therefore opposes practices aimed at changing an individual’s sexual orientation, including conversion therapy; (2) TMA supports the prohibition of any person licensed to provide mental health counseling from engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with patients younger than 18 years of age. TMA supports the practice of evidence-based therapies and will aggressively oppose the use of potentially harmful, unproven therapies for children. In addition, the association supports any regulatory changes to prohibit coverage for conversion therapy under the state’s Medicaid program as well as any health insurers in the state; (3) TMA encourages physicians to stay informed on the potential harms associated with sexual orientation change efforts (CM-CAH & TF Rep. 4-A-17).

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August 14, 2018