185.024 Building the Future Physician Workforce


185.024 Building the Future Physician Workforce: To work to build the state’s physician workforce to meet the state’s health care needs, the Texas Medical Association supports: 

1. Continued state support, to the extent possible, to assist medical schools in paying teaching costs related to residency training. This helps sustain existing graduate medical education (GME) programs. 

2. Continued efforts to sustain recent growth in and further expand the state’s GME capacity in needed specialties so the growing number of Texas medical school graduates can remain in the state for residency training and ultimately practice in the state. The growth in GME capacity should correlate directly with the state’s physician workforce needs. 

3. Continued progress toward achieving the state target of 1.1 entry-level GME positions per Texas medical school graduate (CME Rep. 5-A-17).

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August 14, 2018