Interspecialty Society Committee Membership


American College of Surgeons (North and South TX Chapters)
Delegate: Elso E. Frezza, MD
Alternate Delegate:

Texas Academy of Family Physicians
Delegate: Erica W. Swegler, MD
Alternate Delegate: Andrew C, Eisenberg, MD, MHA

Texas Academy of Internal Medicine
Delegate: Abraham Delgado, MD
Alternate Delegate:

Texas Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society
Delegate: Susan L. Andrew, MD
Alternate Delegate:

Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons
Delegate: Peter M. Shedden, MD
Alternate Delegate: Donald L. Hilton, Jr., MD

Texas Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Delegate: Felix Hull, MD
Alternate Delegate: Jose Francisco Pliego, MD

Texas Association of Otolaryngology
Delegate: John Youngblood, Jr., MD
Delegate: Melton J. Horwitz, MD

Texas Association of Physicians in Nuclear Medicine
Delegate: Donald A. Podoloff, MD
Alternate Delegate:

Texas College of Emergency Physicians
Delegate: Robert D. Greenberg, MD
Alternate Delegate: Douglas A. Carmichael, MD

Texas Dermatological Society
Delegate: A. Chad Hartman, MD
Alternate Delegate: Mary E. Hurley, MD

 Texas Geriatrics Society
Delegate: George R. Robison, MD
Alternate Delegate: Steven J. Levy, DO

Texas Neurological Society
Delegate: William S. Gilmer, MD
Alternate Delegate: J. Douglas Hudson, MD

Texas Ophthalmological Society
Delegate: J. Randolph Pierce, MD
Alternate Delegate: Michelle A. Berger, MD

Texas Orthopaedic Association
Delegate: W. Randall Schultz, MD
Alternate Delegate: Kourosh Jafarnia, MD

Texas Pain Society
Delegate: C.M. Schade, MD
Alternate Delegate: Ralph Rashbaum, MD

Texas Pediatric Society
Delegate: Anthony C. Kimbrough, MD
Alternate Delegate: Richard Michael Lampe, MD

Texas Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Society
Delegate: Bradley Fullerton, MD
Alternate Delegate: Barry S. Smith, MD

Texas Radiological Society
Delegate: Mark Montgomery, MD
Alternate Delegate: Alan Slomowitz, MD

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists
Delegate: Jeffrey M. Jekot, MD
Alternate Delegate: Gerald Callas, MD

Texas Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
Delegate: Rashad E. Dabaghi, MD
Alternate Delegate: John J. Ziebert, MD

Texas Society of Medical Oncology
Delegate: Richard E. Helmer, III, MD
Alternate Delegate: John V. Cox, DO

Texas Society of Pathologists
Delegate: Susan M. Strate, MD
Alternate Delegate: Susan C. Baer, MD

Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons
Delegate: M. Scott Haydon, MD
Alternate Delegate: Barry E. Swartz, MD

Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians
Delegate: Richard L. Noel, MD
Alternate Delegate: J. Clay Sawyer, MD

Texas Thoracic Society
Delegate: Raymond C. Perkins, MD
Alternate Delegate:

Texas Urological Society
Delegate: Michael K. Floyd, MD
Alternate Delegate:  Rufus Green, Jr., MD