Interspecialty Society Committee Membership

American College of Cardiology, Texas Chapter
Delegate: Stanley Wang, MD
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

American College of Surgeons (North and South TX Chapters)
Delegate: Vacant
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

Texas Academy of Family Physicians
Delegate: Troy T. Fiesinger, MD
Alternate Delegate: Li-Yu H. Mitchell, MD

Texas Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Society
Delegate: Louise H. Bethea, MD
Alternate Delegate: Paul G. Vigo, MD 

Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons
Delegate: Ramsey Ashour, MD
Alternate Delegate: Sabih Effendi, MD

Texas Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Delegate: John Thoppil, MD
Alternate Delegate: Kimberly A. Pilkinton, MD

Texas Association of Otolaryngology
Delegate: Jeffery B. Kahn, MD
Alternate Delegate: Bradford W. Holland, MD

Texas Association of Physicians in Nuclear Medicine 
Alternate Delegate: Steven Hays, MD

Texas Chapter of the American College of Physicians
Delegate: Amy LaViolette, MD
Alternate Delegate: Andrew Widmer, MD

Texas College of Emergency Physicians
Delegate: Heidi Knowles, MD
Alternate Delegate: Joseph Martin, MD

Texas Dermatological Society
Delegate: Ryan Hick, MD
Alternate Delegate: Michael Graves, MD

 Texas Geriatrics Society
Delegate: Vacant
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

Texas Neurological Society
Delegate: Yessar Hussain, MD, PhD 
Alternate Delgate:  Vacant

Texas Ophthalmological Association
Delegate: Jack W. Pierce, MD
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

Texas Orthopaedic Association
Delegate: Adam Bruggeman, MD
Alternate Delegate: Robert Wolf, MD

Texas Pain Society
Delegate: Allen Dennis, MD 
Alternate Delegate: Maxim Eckmann, MD

Texas Pediatric Society
Delegate: Valerie Borum Smith, MD
Alternate Delegate: Angela N. Moemeka, MD

Texas Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Society
Delegate: Kristin Wong, MD
Alternate Delegate: Jason Marchetti, MD

Texas Radiological Society
Delegate: Tilden Childs, MD
Alternate Delegate: Sarah Avery, MD

Texas Society for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy
Delegate: Pradeep M. Kumar, MD
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists  
Delegate: Stacy Norrell, MD
Alternate Delegate: Elizabeth Rebello, MD

Texas Society of Clinical Oncology
Delegate: Gary Gross, MD
Alternate Delegate: Debra Pratt, MD 

Texas Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons
Delegate: Vacant
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

Texas Society of Pathologists
Delegate: Allen Flack, MD
Alternate Delegate: Megan Kressin, MD

Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons
Delegate: Susan Pike, MD
Alternate Delegate: Thornwell Parker, III, MD

Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians
Delegate: Richard L. Noel, MD
Alternate Delegate: J. Clay Sawyer, MD

Texas Thoracic Society
Delegate: Vacant
Alternate Delegate: Vacant

Texas Urological Society
Delegate: Sandeep Mistry, MD
Alternate Delegate:  


Last Updated On

May 27, 2021

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010