335.014 Workers Compensation Delivery System


Workers' Compensation Delivery System: Texas Medical Association supports the following in pursuit of a fair, efficient, and accountable workers' compensation delivery system in Texas:

(1) Continue dialogue with legislative and executive branch policymakers to maintain the out-of-network medical fee reimbursement formula based on an annual MEI adjustment that may result in fair and reasonable physician payments;

(2) Continue to educate policymakers and regulators on the need for employer accountability when dealing with injured workers and encouraging return to work initiatives;

(3) Consider all appropriate strategies to help correct injustices within the system for doctors, specifically reducing inappropriate carrier gaming and reducing administrative hassles and burdens;

(4) Diligently work with Texas Department of Insurance in the regulatory arena to improve physician input and physician stakeholder involvement to produce much needed reforms to the workers' compensation system (CSE Rep. 1-A-09; reaffirmed CSE Rep. 2-A-19).

Last Updated On

June 11, 2019