320.002 Town Gown


Town Gown: The Texas Medical Association should continue its efforts to achieve negotiated resolution of the problems associated with town/gown issues and continue to make recommendations for resolution as needed.

TMA should help develop a process at the local level to promote cooperation, collaboration, and communication between the private medical community and medical schools over town/gown related issues and act as a forum to resolve conflicts between the groups as needed. When community-based clinics are developed by medical schools, they must meet their community responsibilities in providing after-hours coverage for their patients, as appropriate for the medical specialty. If primary care clinics are to be established by medical schools, they should be located in areas of unmet need. TMA reaffirms 1991 association policy that states, "All state-supported medical schools or group practices made up of their staff should not pursue the policy of attempting to purchase medical practices and inducing physicians to change their referral practices based on monetary or other than purely good medical indications" (Amended Second Supplemental Board of Trustees, p 38D, I-94; Board of Trustees, p 43S, A-95; Supplemental Board of Trustees, p 32A, I-95; amended BOT Rep. 10-A-05; amended CME Rep. 3-A-15).

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October 07, 2016