280.016 Human Subject Research – A Patients Bill of Rights


Human Subject Research - A Patient's Bill of Rights: The Texas Medical Association supports: (a) application of the highest ethical standards in the use of human subjects for clinical trials; (b) ensuring that the goals of clinical trials are to benefit patients, not just advance science and industry; (c) use of institutional review board approval and oversight of human subject research; (d) complete informed consent for participation with full disclosure of risks and possibility of non-treatment; (e) full disclosure of conflicts of interest by all participating parties; (f) protection of subjects not able to give true informed consent because of age, disability, educational level, socioeconomic level, institutionalization, incarceration, or emotional distress; and (g) protection of confidentiality of individual patient information obtained in human subject research (Council on Scientific Affairs, p 128, A-94; substituted CSA Rep. 3-A-06; reaffirmed CSPH Rep. 1-A-16).

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October 07, 2016