260.029 Preventive Medicine


Preventive Medicine: The primary reason to invest in prevention is to promote health, extend life, improve functioning, and prevent suffering. Preventive interventions should be used whenever they produce more health benefit than alternative services. This includes assisting physicians in incorporating disease prevention and health promotion in individual patient and community care.

The Texas Medical Association supports universal access to clinical preventive services for all Americans and believes that clinical preventive services of proven effectiveness, delivered in a cost-efficient manner, should be included in insurance benefits.

TMA acknowledges that a portion of morbidity and mortality in this country is related to unhealthy lifestyle choices and endorses efforts to educate, motivate, and encourage individuals to choose behaviors conducive to good health. TMA also acknowledges that the environment of individuals, including work place, home, community, and socioeconomic status, influence conditions for taking responsibility for health (Council on Public Health, p 107, and Council on Scientific Affairs, p 128, A-94; reaffirmed CSA Rep. 6-A-04; amended CSPH Rep. 2-A-14).

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October 07, 2016