260.015 Firearms


260.015 Firearms: The Texas Medical Association supports:

  1. The primary prevention of firearm morbidity and mortality through educating Texans about firearm safety and the potential hazards of firearm ownership; 
  2. The Texas Hunter Education and certification program developed by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife; 
  3. Physicians in the clinical setting providing anticipatory guidance on the dangers of firearm ownership in an informational, nonjudgmental manner; 
  4. Strict enforcement of federal and state gun control laws and mandated penalties for crimes committed with a firearm, including illegal possession; 
  5. The use of trigger locks (such as can be provided by www.projectchildsafe.org) and locked gun cabinets to help prevent unintentional discharge; and 
  6. Unfettered study of issues involving firearms and public health and safety (Res. 28S, p 176, A-93; Substitute CPH Rep. 3-A-08; amended CSPH Rep. 5-A-18).

Last Updated On

August 20, 2018