245.014 Physicians and Substance Use Disorder


Physicians and Substance Use Disorder: The Texas Medical Association adopted the following recommendations with regard to physicians and substance use disorder:

1. Adopt "substance use disorder" terminology instead of "addiction."

2. Document aspects of disease management (treatment, maintenance therapy, monitoring, accountability, etc) as part of TMA policy on SUD.

3. The TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness to continue collegial communication and efforts with the Texas Medical Board.

4. Continue efforts to educate physicians regarding the distinct roles of PHW, the Texas Physician Health Program (TXPHP), and TMB.

5. Encourage county medical society-based PHW committees to advise physicians subject to monitoring or intervention that TXPHP may be available to such physicians who self-report. PHW committee members should present the information to physicians in an objective manner so each one can make an informed decision as to whether to self-report.

6. Advise county medical society-based PHR committees that a report with the name of the physician, together with pertinent information relating to that impairment, to the TMB and any known health care entity in which the physician has clinical privileges, is required if the committee determines that, through the practice of medicine, a physician poses a continuing threat to the public welfare (CMPHR Rep. 4-A-07; amended CM-PHW Rep. 4-A-17).

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May 25, 2017