200.028 Medical School Expansion


Medical School Expansion: Given current physician shortages in some medical specialties, projected state demographics, the professional liability crisis, and the decreasing numbers of out-of-state physicians moving into the state, Texas is approaching a physician shortage. This evidence supports a need to consider enhancement of the physician pipeline through expansion of Texas medical school and residency program slots, with more immediate attention needed to expand resident slots. Expansions of student and resident slots should be based on a methodology that seeks to address unmet Texas health care needs. There also is the need to stabilize the state's physician practice environment to improve recruitment and retention and to promote awareness of specialty shortages among medical students. Further, expansions should not jeopardize the viability of existing programs and the outcome of any expansion should be to improve the health care of the people of Texas (Substitute Resolution 28D, p 196, A-96; substitute CME Rep. 6-A-03; reaffirmed Res. 301-A-10).

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October 07, 2016